What a week full of blessings and newly forged friendships!  We stayed busy the entire week as we served our brothers and sisters in West Virginia.  Projects were varied and quite difficult this year.

Paint Crew:  Jill, Kenzi, Janet, Isabelle and Pastor Carrie worked to paint and scrape the exterior of three houses that had experienced extensive damage from wind, rain and years of weather.  Thanks Jill, Kenzi, Janet and Isabelle !

Kid Crew:  Rita and Laura spent their days entertaining, teaching, singing, playing and serving with the kids of Summerlee.  They gave a fantastic devotion Tuesday night on the fruits of the spirit and their visits at the nursing home were so greatly appreciated as each kid found a "buddy" to hang out with for the day. Thanks Rita and Laura.

Kitchen Crew:  Dee was busy making sure everyone was fed, fat and happy - and she did a fantastic job.  Our meals were delicious and nobody went hungry. Thanks Dee!

Site Crew: Lee had his hands full this year as the site coordinator learned quickly that Lee had plumbing experience.  He spent his first day demolishing a bathroom all the way down to the floor joists  and then spent the rest of the week rebuilding it from the bottom all the way to the roof that had to be jacked up from caving into the house and three significant holes had to be repaired.  The entire outside of the house had to have new siding on it and then needed painting while the tin roof also needed painting and fixing.  At the end of the week, it was known to all in the crew if the house ever fell... the only thing left standing would be the bathroom.  THANKS LEE !

At the end of the trip, everyone was tired and sore but the stories we have to share will keep our spirits soaring for another year until we get the chance to go back next year.

And on Wednesday night the Front Royal crew lead devotions and prayers.  The youth. Dee and Pastor Carrie wore fun and funky pants found a Wal-Mart and shared the divisions among us that can tear us apart.  Everyone voted on whose pants were the best... sadly SpongeBob won, not my unicorn dreams :(.  But when we realize that we are all children of God, no matter what we look like on the outside, we come together as a team to serve the world with Christ's hands and feet. 

Don't worry, Pastor Carrie promised not to wear them to church on Sunday.